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Xperiland has over the past decade manage to acquire the best Xperi Presenters. They are all known for their passion for science and an inherit need to develop a nation that loves science. Xperi Presenters all undergo practical and hands on training in order to empower each child they interact with. Most of our Xperi Presenters are trained teachers by profession and had their fair share of children not being exposed to the wondrous of science or the limited resources to assist them in discovery why science truly is one way to expand the world of our children!
Certified Presenters who are entrepreneurial professionals who’s has completed the Certified Xperiland Facilitator Training, has unlimited options to present Xperi Classes at formal and informal educational institutions. Certified presenters have access to all Xperiland resources. Training and resources are limited to one certified presenter and can't be shared or transferred.

How To Become An Associate

If you are interested to join our team. For a minimal investment you can be an independent presenter.

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Adding value to your community and world. Independence of owing your own business. Location based outlets office or home. Have control over your own schedule. Performance based earning potential. To be part of a dynamic team. Support & Training.
Science often requires a lot of technical terms and complex concepts. However, most people do not understand these concepts. While you may love calling organisms by their scientific names and discussing science at an advanced level, some of your students might not. When seeking to become an Associate with Xperiland, you must demonstrate the ability to make science accessible to students, especially those who do not necessarily enjoy the subject. Having experience working in the field, such as conducting your own research, interning in a laboratory or working with a local science museum, will make you more appealing as a candidate because you can bring real-world application into the classroom.
Being a Presenter for Xperiland requires key skills and a deep knowledge of the principles and concepts involved in our science programs. Anna-Marie De Beer, who has been working in the field of Science for over 20 years, has developed a robust structure to enable Presenters to be able to facilitate effectively. We have developed a training programme to help you develop the necessary expertise to become accomplished as a Xperiland Presenter.